Maryam Majd Art Projects is a boutique research-centric curatorial and archival platform established in 2021, based in Tehran. The platform offers a selective array of services in contemporary arts. From curatorial projects, project management, to artist representation, collection management, archival projects, consultancy, research, and content creation, the platform seeks to cater to artists, institutions, and collections.

Providing artists with services that include representation, promotion, exhibition, and sales, and contributing to the development of their career paths, along with initiating and organizing curatorial projects, designing and hosting shows are key components in the vision of Maryam Majd Art Projects.

By offering consulting services to collections and institutions, including acquisitions, documentation and cataloging, valuation, trading and auctioning, exhibition, and conservation, the platform aims to maximize the exposure of works placed in collections, and contribute to the filing, organization, and development of collection portfolios.

Working closely with curators, collectors, and scholars, as well as galleries, foundations, museums, and institutions, Maryam Majd Art Projects provides comprehensive and integrated services for the development of initiatives and ideas, research, scope definition and outlining, project planning, management, and hosting.

Central to the platform’s range of services are editorial projects, research, translation, and publications, which are the foundations for the growth and development of its arms and reach. As so, Maryam Majd Art Projects aims to add to the existing rich literature on contemporary art of Iran, and create original content that studies, showcases, and promotes Iranian artists, collections, and institutions.

Maryam Majd is the founding director of MMAP. An artistic director and research curator specializing in twentieth-century and contemporary Iranian art, she is an experienced professional in the art scene, having worked as the co-director (since 2006) of Assar, one of Tehran’s most prestigious art galleries, the director and artistic director of Teer Art, Tehran’s pioneer art fair and a lecturer at Tehran University of Art to name only a few. In addition to her leadership and executive roles, Maryam has curated and co-curated many exhibitions and retrospectives, published, contributed to, and written for a long list of catalogues and art publications, as well as providing consulting and advisory services for artists, collectors, curators, galleries and art institutions.

Azarakhsh Askari is Archive & Collections, Senior Project Manager at MMAP. While simultaneously pursuing an artistic career as a painter, she has years of experience working on the administrative side of art galleries and institutions, studying and compiling archives and collections, as well as managing artist studios, art gallery programs, strategic management, inventory and storage management and project documentation. Supervising several projects as well as being in charge of data centralization, Azarakhsh keeps the tabs on project infrastructures and resources.

Sarah Yazdanirad is Strategic Project Executive at MMAP, working closely with art institutions, galleries and curators, as well as coordinating initiatives and projects. With a background in interdisciplinary art and research, Sarah has worked as gallery manager, curatorial assistant and exhibition program developer, and continues to manage and coordinate a wide-ranging scope of artistic, consulting, and curatorial projects, as well as facilitating some of MMAP’s international initiatives. Sarah studied Visual Communication, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies and participated in Ashkal Alwan's interdisciplinary Home Workspace Program.

Iman Safaei is Art Director at Maryam Majd Art Projects. With a career spanning several media and disciplines, he has been working as a designer, artist and curator for almost twenty years, and running an exhibition and project space, 009821 Projects, since 2018. He has won several awards for his design work and publication projects, and his artworks and designs have been exhibited at and collected by art institutions and galleries worldwide, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). As an art director, he has worked with many artistic events and projects, including Teer Art, Iran’s pioneering art fair. Iman’s studio has collaborated on several projects with MMAP, including on series of catalogs titled “21” and a recent edition of the classic masterpiece, the Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp.

Arefeh Haddadi is Director of Project Management at MMAP. As the senior correspondent and account manager for all running projects, she keeps track of progress and ensures that no detail is left unattended. With a background in developing networks and communications strategies, business relations, international shipping, coordination and data analysis, and her multi-dimensional knowledge of managing arts projects and events, she provides ample administrative prowess to project definition, task management, procedure and workflow design, scheduling and communications with clients. Arefeh is a graduate of Software Engineering.

Shahrooz Mohammad is the Projects & Collaborations, Operations Coordinator at MMAP. He studied Architecture, with years of experience in executive and coordination work, office administration, and accounting supervision in the design sector. Shahrooz coordinates the day-to-day operations at MMAP, as well as long-term office project management, planning, documentation, project flow, and correspondence to make sure no small detail in each project is overlooked.