ServicesArchive and Centralization

As the critical component of research, considered to be the prime tool of our curatorial and content creation approach, we create, develop and maintain archives for artists, collectors, art researchers, and private art institutions to make it possible for everyone to benefit from its infrastructural aptitudes.

Maryam Majd Art Projects offers specialized archive, cataloging and centralization services to a wide range of clients including artists, curators, authors, researchers, editors, galleries, museums, institutions, collectors, publications, publishers, and others.

The range of archive services provided on a per-project basis by MMAP can include integrated archive methodology, architecture, logic, scheme and classification design and definition, hierarchy and access design, maintenance, administration of archive projects including digitization, classification, and access design, as well as information design, reporting, data interpretation, and statistical analysis.

While itself a rich resource, the idea of an archive is key in many curatorial and research projects as well as content creation, editorial work, and project development. As such, MMAP has substantially invested in its archiving department, itself continuing to benefit from its capabilities and potential.