ServicesArt Project Management

With two decades of experience in the field and fluency over Iranian contemporary art, we bring direction to art projects, manage quality through our detail-oriented approach and ensure our strategies and methods conveniently and efficiently satisfy our clients’ needs.

We value transparency; therefore, our seasoned team makes sure a clear process plan is outlined from the beginning, unplanned issues are tackled effectively and the development process is tracked openly and reported to our clients.

The range of services and solutions offered by Maryam Majd Art Projects allows it to initiate, plan, and manage artistic projects and collaborate with local and international art institutions to provide promotion, exhibition, and marketing for artists, curators, collectors, venues and programs. With extensive experience in various fields of the culture and arts industries, the team at MMAP has ample prowess to design, plan, schedule, manage and administer every aspect and detail of an art project. Rather than an old-fashioned approach to available processes and procedures, MMAP believes in offering tailored solutions and strategies for each project based on the client’s requirements and project characteristics.

The scope of art projects that fall within MMAP’s services is not limited to exhibitions, but rather a wide variety of events, programs and concepts, including seminars and lectures, book launches, panel discussions, and much more.