We believe in curation as a creative praxis in a process-based supervisory context. Our rhetoric, therefore, facilitates communicating the collective impact of art to the viewers.

Always taking a proactive position in conceptualizing the content and method, we perpetually make sure the message and narrative are conveyed in an insightful, imaginative and nifty makeup.

Providing curatorial services, Maryam Majd Art Projects offers consultancy, management and hosting services for solo exhibitions, retrospectives, museum shows, and research-based projects.

MMAP takes a creative yet scrupulous and systematic approach to curatorial work, believing in designing a clear path while contributing to its processes proactively and innovatively.

At MMAP, curatorial projects begin with either the development of an archive from scratch, or the appropriation of an existing database as a foundation to build upon through a research-centric approach and a constant focus on a pedagogical procedure.

While the majority of curatorial projects involve designing and presenting exhibitions, its scope is not limited to such events and occasionally approaches territories such as books and publications, research, discussion panels, workshops and lectures. As so, MMAP views curatorial through a collaborative perspective that involves a team of experts from multiple disciplines, including archive, research, education, literature and designs, that together fluidly arrange, develop and organize a multi-layered but cohesive discourse, subsequently articulating and presenting an integrated vision.