ServicesResearch, Content Creation & Translation

As the core of all services that MMAP provides —particularly curatorial, educational, and consulting services— tailored content creation, publication and distribution play a vital role in the process of operations towards achieving our missions. It is through our storytelling skills that we promote artists, artworks and creative ideas.

Content is perhaps the prime tool of presentation and marketing in any art business, as well as every manifestation of a program or event. Content creation can be thought of as the backbone and essence of any curatorial endeavor or educational path. As so, the content created becomes the foundation for creating a larger body of literature within different contexts, be it exhibitions, publications, or research work.

At MMAP, while content curation, translation and editorial work are key components of building up on previous literature, the creation of original and authentic content is among the most important goals and activities, leading to a stronger infrastructure that could be used to more efficient contextualization of ideas and raise awareness, navigating both within the Iranian art scene and in the grand picture of the international art world.