ServicesCollection Management

Collectors often shape art history because of their distinctive decisions, observing and making trends and patronizing the creative flow.

By identifying your vision and taste and providing tailor-made services fulfilling your needs and wishes, we facilitate and accelerate the route to realizing your ecstatic journey, making it possible to make an everlasting impression.

Collection Management includes a wide array of services that begin with procurement and acquisition, valuation, trading and auctioning, and follows up with documentation and cataloging, archive management, handling and logistics, storage and conservation, shipping, exhibition and promotion.

MMAP offers a wide range of consultancy services for buyers and collectors, starting with identifying clients’ needs and finding customized solutions, providing tailor-made services for each and every client.

By administering works of art guided by policy and procedures that help define the purpose, quality and focus of the collection, we help our clients find a broader and clearer vision of their resourceful pursuit, making the collecting process and the collection itself more evocative, inspiring and auspicious.

Our means of helping each client to achieve their well-defined objective whilst enjoying the development and progression of this prolonged process include archive design and development, documentation, providing storage and preservation solutions, advisory services for acquisition, exhibitions, donations and sales, content creation and editorial work, as well as numerous related services.