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Intent Gallery

Consultancy and Education

In early 2022, Intent Gallery, which had recently begun construction on its venue in downtown Dubai, approached MMAP for consultancy and organizational services as well as project management. Over the course of almost one year, MMAP provided services such as strategic management, organizational structuring, general consultancy, collection, storage and archive management, staff training, and programming. Moreover, MMAP offered curatorial and content creation services to Intent Gallery for its grand opening and debut exhibition, “Dual Simplicity”, in March 2023.

Consulting services provided by MMAP to Intent art gallery:
– General policy-making
– Preparing organizational chart for the gallery
– Team arrangement, assessing job applications, and interviewing the short-listed candidates
– Providing advisory services regarding build-out issues (architecture, exhibition space, office, storage, lighting design)
– Designing website structure
– Supervising the outsourced design firm with no previous experience in the cultural sector in preparing the website, logo, stationery, and signage
– Providing advisory services regarding the gallery’s acquisitions and collection management
– Assessing artistic and curatorial proposals
– Providing advisory services to the acquisitional inquiries of Intent gallery’s clientele

Executive services provided by MMAP to Intent art gallery
– General training of team members
– Supervising website design and data entry
– Exhibition management of the grand opening
o Talking to artists and/or galleries
o Providing legal documents
o Collecting artworks
o Handling shipment through preferred art handlers
o Being in charge of the presentation (framing, labeling, etc.)
o Pricing
o Planning and supervising physical installation and lighting of the debut exhibition
o Cataloging
o Writing Press Release
o Supervising 009821 studio in designing the catalog and poster for the grand opening
– Contextual handling of the grand opening